Bartram House Bakery

Last night, I was at Bartram House Bakery photographing dozens of desserts and pastries. Danny came along with me to assist with lighting and adjusting the products. He was a huge help, as some times there are little things that need moved and rather then getting up and down off the ladder to do that, I could just instruct him. Thank goodness for patient husbands!

The shoot was so fun, as I was given gorgeous pieces of dessert art, and then I could improvise how I wanted to make the shot perfect. I loved having that creative freedom and trust from the client.

Warning, do not enter Bartram House if you have a sweet tooth… well, actually, do enter. It’s AMAZING. I told the owner that it was dangerous to bring me into this shoot, 32 weeks pregnant, and then put all these mouth watering treats in front of me. How wonderful was it, thought, that after the shoot we were sent home with lots of goodies to try! *Guilty fact: We ate the bear claws on the way home…that’s how good.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but here’s a little sneak peek at one of the desserts we photographed. I will definitely be posting when the site is live!

A couple photos from our photo shoot at Bartram House Bakery.

A couple photos from our photo shoot at Bartram House Bakery.



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