Final Days Before My Month Off

I have a few more shoots scheduled for this coming week, then I take a break.  I am so thrilled with what is ahead this month for my husband and I….welcoming our first child and starting the journey of figuring out how to be parents!  As excited as I am about this new chapter, I’m feeling bummed to not have the month of August to do my photography – especially being the busiest month for senior sessions, not to mention holding off on booking any weddings during the month.  I have never had to say “no” to any one when they call about scheduling a session – and I’ve already had to do this a couple times in the last week when people called for sessions in August.  If you know me, I’m not one to say no very often…so this is definitely something I will have to get used to for a few weeks.  Hopefully baby Wyatt will be so well behaved that I’ll be able to take some sessions within a few weeks after he’s born 🙂

For now, I won’t think about the month of August and just hope that we can make it through the next awesome week of senior sessions and Delallos!  I would hate to have to cancel or reschedule those…. I suppose though, having a baby sort of is important!


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