Delallo Food Shoot Day!

For the past year and a half I have had the privilege of photographing food and products for Delallo.  You’ll find their products in Giant Eagle and Shop N Save – among other stores across the country. It’s fun to see my photos on product boxes and jars of pasta sauce!  When you visit their website, the photos the scroll across the top are some of my work with them.  Typically I’m at their studio space one day a week, it’s such a fun day – Giuliana and Nick prepare the recipes and dishes, while I oogle their masterpieces.  Giuliana has such a talent for creating beautiful plates of food – making my job of photographing them easy!

I was out there with them today! Today was “gnocchi day.” Lots of different gnocchi recipes using their delicious gnocchi.  I think Danny secretly is jealous that I get to try all these great new dishes…now I guess the sweet, thoughtful housewife that I should be would figure out how to make these myself! *Confession, I’m not quite the cook.  With all the free time I will have once we have a newborn in the house, I should be cooking every night right?! 😉



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