Ah! First week back to photography.  I took the month of August off, for “maternity leave.”  I did not want to commit to any photo sessions, since I did not know when my son would make his appearance.  Luckily, I did – he was born 6 days early and I’ve needed all the 3 weeks […]

Last week, while photographing Vicki, we had an encounter with this gorgeous red-tailed hawk (or so that’s what my husband says he was).  The bird landed right on the nearby golf cart, hung out for a minute – then flew by my camera after an unsuspecting smaller bird.  I guess you never know what you’re […]

I have a few more shoots scheduled for this coming week, then I take a break.  I am so thrilled with what is ahead this month for my husband and I….welcoming our first child and starting the journey of figuring out how to be parents!  As excited as I am about this new chapter, I’m […]

I’ve been bad these last few days with keeping up with the blog.  I have a good excuse though!  This past weekend my family threw me a baby shower!  Danny, Wyatt and I were totally spoiled with such an amazing celebration.  I’m pretty sure baby Wyatt has every thing he could possibly need!  Aside from […]

On Saturday, I had the privilege of photographing Sarah & Neil’s Wedding. I always love photographing weddings – not only because I get to witness the wonderful love of two people and their commitment to each other – but because I am able to reflect on how much I loved my own wedding. I’m editing […]






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