I probably have THE most random iTunes library.  Country, Christian, Pop, Rock, Classical.  When I DL a new song I have a problem with playing it a million times in a row. I’ll be editing for a while today, going through all the photos from our Bakery shoot.  Ed Sheeran’s ‘Lego House ‘song is playing, […]

My husband and I have been wanting to have our friends and family over for a pool party/cook out – ever since we moved in to our new place. Neither of us have ever owned a pool before, so this is all new to us.  It’s wonderful to have some thing to entertain guests when […]

We decided to help out the plants that are suppose to “crawl” up things by putting some nails for them to hang on to. That must have been just what they wanted because a couple days later – this is what popped up!

Before Danny walks out the door he picks something random for me to photograph during the day.  I’ve been brushing him off by saying “ok… see you after work!”   But, as much as I find his little nudgings annoying, I’ll admit I always appreciate these extra snap shots.  

Hi All, I just took a couple days away from Wylie Images to head down to DC to celebrate with family and friends, the wedding of my little sister!  We had such an amazing time.  Because our family is not from DC, everyone had to fly and drive in to town for the party.  This […]






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